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React On Erectile Dysfunction
March 12, 2022
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React On Erectile Dysfunction

No man likes to consider the possibility that he may not be able to perform in an intimate situation. After all, your manhood is a significant part of your identity. The reality is, however, that erectile issues are more common than you might like to think, and they are not limited to men of middle-age and older. In fact, a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that one out of every four new patients with ED is under the age of 40. Here we learn how you should react on erectile dysfunction.

When erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs for the first time, anyone involved can be surprised or confused. People whose bodies have never experienced this before might become worried about what it means for their health and their sex lives when it seemingly occurs out of nowhere—and their sexual partners are often concerned too.

Partners might be uncertain if it’s appropriate to talk about their concerns regarding erectile dysfunction, and their own insecurity or misperceptions sometimes cloud their ability to support and affirm their romantic and sexual partners with ED.

It’s common to believe that a lack of attraction or interest is part of the problem, but this isn’t always the case.

The best way to move forward together is to learn about and accept each other’s bodies and needs, communicate clearly about expectations for sexual encounters, and create plans for addressing any concerns.

Open a Discussion

It’s important to talk about it—but with the knowledge and intent that someone’s experience of ED has strong emotional ties to shame, guilt, anxiety, stress, and self-esteem.

Some couples are what Lipsky calls overcomers, with a strong desire to resolve ED. Others are resigners, who admit there is a problem but decide not to seek treatment to resolve it.

Then there are avoiders, couples who refuse to admit and discuss ED, and, finally, alienators, women who feel so angry that they not only withdraw from their relationship, but may even demean their partner or seek intimacy elsewhere.

When women are angry, says Karen Donahey, this anger is frequently present before the sexual difficulties have begun. In such instances, says Donahey, marital therapy, as opposed to sexual therapy, may be in order to get to the underlying cause of the anger.

For a woman who wants to help her partner — as most do, says Donahey — understanding why ED occurs can help ease her concerns as well as allow her to help her partner confront the problem, something many men are hesitant to do.

Being able to talk about it is the first step. “Opening the lines of communication is paramount” in resolving ED, says Marian Dunn, PhD, clinical associate professor and director of the Center for Human Sexuality at the State University of New York Health Science Center. “ED is not initially easy to talk about. But not talking about it can seriously damage a relationship.”

Sandy (also not her real name) has been in a relationship for six months with a man who suffers from ED. “We’ve worked hard on handling it,” she says, “and we talk about it all the time, which really helps.” In addition to encouraging her partner to see his doctor for a physical exam, Sandy says that being able to talk about the situation has actually brought the two closer together.

“It defuses whatever anger and frustration there may be,” she explains, “so that it doesn’t carry over into other aspects of the relationship, and it has shown us that we can work on this together.”

“Women don’t need to take responsibility for their partner’s ED,” says Dr. Janice Lipsky. “But many women can and do play a critical role in supporting men to seek treatment.”

Know More About Erectile Dysfunction

To be a supportive partner, it’s important to get educated. If you’re struggling to talk about the experience, gathering new information can help get conversations started or dispel misconceptions that sometimes make it difficult to start talking in the first place. A qualified therapist, sex educator, or supportive medical doctor can help to dispel rumors or misinformation and answer questions directly.

Understanding Erections

Erections occur when blood surges to the penile or clitoral tissue which response by getting hard, and the inability to get those glands as hard as desired can lead to sexual challenges. People of all genders and with all genital types can get erections, and therefore could experience erectile dysfunction, but most people associate the term with the inability to achieve or maintain a penile erection that is strong enough for penetrative sex or ejaculation.

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Dr. Helen Webberley, MBChB, says erectile dysfunction is common, underlining that people of all ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, and partnership types could encounter it. She adds that all people need access to more reliable information about ED and notes that young people should know that this experience is normal. Sex drives can still be high despite sexual dysfunction, and partners should not assume disinterest.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Situational erectile dysfunction has many potential causes, so ask yourself whether any of these causes applies to your current situation before you jump to any conclusions. Some of the most common causes of short-term ED include the following:

Stress:  Not only can stress keep you from focusing on the situation at hand, but it actually triggers the release of chemicals in the brain which could prevent you from achieving an erection. If you’ve had erectile issues in the past, performance anxiety for future encounters can be a source of stress in and of itself.

Alcohol: While having a drink or two may relax you and lower your inhibitions, drinking too much might prevent you from performing sexually. You may also find that alcohol contributes more significantly to erectile issues as you get older.

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Fatigue: Sometimes your body is simply too tired for sex. Fatigue can not only decrease your ability to perform sexually but it may also lower your desire for sex – this is particularly true if you typically have sex at night.

Drugs: Many over-the-counter medications like cold medicine, pain relievers, and sleep aids can contribute to short-term ED, as can prescription drugs for blood pressure and depression or anxiety. Read the fine print on the packaging to see whether a drug you are taking could be contributing to your ED.

Inexperience: Sometimes an inability to perform is simply a matter of experience. If you aren’t familiar with using condoms or if you are still learning about what you do and don’t enjoy in a sexual setting, it can deflate your erection. Like anything in life, sex takes time and practice.

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Caring Together

  • Way Of Living Changes
  • Daily Exercise
  • Extra Weight
  • Say No To Smoking
  • Healthy Food
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Prescription Medications

The oral medications for erectile dysfunction—phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitors—work by enhancing the effects of nitric oxide, a naturally-occurring substance that relaxes blood vessels to allow blood to flow into the penis. With this effect in place, it’s possible to get an erection in response to sexual stimulation and to sustain it.

Viagra (sildenafil): Maybe effective within 30 to 60 minutes can last up to 12 hours
Cialis (tadalafil): Maybe effective within 60 to 120 minutes and may last up to 36 hours
Levitra or Staxyn (vardenafil): Maybe effective within 30 to 60 minutes and can last up to 10 hours
Stendra (avanafil): Maybe effective within 15 to 30 minutes and can last up to 12 hours

Keep in mind—for Viagra, Levitra, and Stendra—eating a high-fat meal may delay the absorption of the drug, which can prolong the time it takes to get an erection and diminish the drug’s overall effectiveness.

Be sure to talk about PDE5 inhibitors with your doctor, making sure that they know your entire medical history and all other medications and supplements that you take.

If a PDE5 inhibitor is ineffective or contraindicated, your physician may suggest you try penile injections. This is where a liquid medication such as Caverject (alprostadil for injection) or TriMix (papaverine, phentolamine, and alprostadil [PGE]) is injected into your penis with a fine needle.
Another treatment option includes penile suppositories like Muse (alprostadil urogenital) that are inserted into the urethra.

Both of these methods will bring on an erection within five to 15 minutes without a need for major sexual stimulation.

Prescribed medications like selective serotonin receptor inhibitors (SSRIs) or phosphodiesterase inhibitors such as Viagra (sildenafil)—especially when taken together—can be effective for PE. Studies have found that combining phosphodiesterase inhibitors and behavioral therapy is successful.

They also won’t cause you to develop an erection on their own. Instead, they just make it easier to get an erection when you’re already in the mood for sex.

There are five PDE5 inhibitors approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of ED:

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Have A Expert Advice

If you are concerned about erectile dysfunction, talk to your doctor! Whether you’re experiencing erectile issues for the first time or it has been happening for a while, your doctor can help you determine whether the problem is temporary or if it is something that should be explored in greater depth.

Even if it turns out to be a short-term issue, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that that is the case. If your erectile issues are related to an underlying medical problem or some psychological issue, talking to your doctor is the first step toward diagnosis and treatment.

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In order to diagnose erectile dysfunction, your doctor will need to perform a physical exam and you’ll be asked questions about your medical history as well as your symptoms. Additional tests such as blood tests, urinalysis, and ultrasound may also be an option if your doctor wants to rule out medical causes for your ED.

Once your doctor has determined the cause for your problems, you’ll be able to discuss treatment options which may include oral erectile dysfunction pills (like Viagra), psychological counseling, or dietary and lifestyle changes. Be sure you discuss all the options with your doctor before you make your choice.

No bones about it, erectile dysfunction is not something any man wants to experience. Unfortunately, you have a 25% chance of experiencing a failed erection before you reach the age of 40 and your risk only increases from there. In the face of these odds, it is important to control your reaction if and when you do have erectile issues – you don’t want to blow the problem out of proportion and inadvertently make things worse for yourself.

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When you have trouble achieving or maintaining an erection, take it in stride – consider the potential causes and have an open conversation with your partner (and your doctor) before you worry too much about it. You may just find that taking these simple steps resolves the problem for you.


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