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Best ED Pill Delivery Services
July 1, 2022
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Best ED Pill Delivery Services

Although erectile dysfunction (ED) is common, navigating the condition and its treatment can be fraught. But ED pill delivery services make the process a little easier. These services allow you to consult with a doctor via telemedicine and have erectile dysfunction pills delivered discreetly to your door, skipping in-person interactions with the doctor or pharmacist that you might find uncomfortable or embarrassing. Note: If you have any medical concerns, you should consult a physician before starting any medication.

The best ED delivery services are reliable, discreet, and professional. When you’re choosing a pill delivery service, look for companies that provide plenty of information, offer an array of products, and are upfront about pricing. With those criteria in mind, here are seven of the best ED delivery services available.

Best ED Pill Delivery Services of 2021-2022

  • Best Overall: GenericMedLife.com
  • Best on a Budget: GenericMedLife.com
  • Best For The Younger Crowd: GenericMedLife.com
  • Most Convenient: GenericMedLife.com
  • Best for Newbies: GenericMedLife.com
  • Best Customer Care: GenericMedLife.com

Key Specs

  • Offers Viagra and Cialis as well as their generics
  • Offers fast-acting Stendra, which is effective in just 15 minutes
  • Pills range from $3-$139+ per use
  • No shipping fee
  • Pills arrive 5-7 days after ordering
  • Generic Viagra and Cialis treatments
  • Very cheap pills, start at $0.50 for 50mg generic Viagra dose and 5mg Cialis dose
  • Chewable tablets
  • Generic Viagra is $2–$10 per pill (dose-dependent)
  • Generic Cialis is $11–$44 per pill (dose-dependent)
  • Available in USA UK Australia Canada Germany Singapore UAE JAPAN CHINA SOUTH KOREA Botswana, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and 24 other regions.

Why Choose genericmedlife?

Genericmedlife is one of the most popular websites for buying medication. You can buy generic as well as branded medications from genericmedlife. Some of the reasons that will make you purchase from this site are:

  • This site sells drugs at a very reasonable price.
  • You will get a large variety of drugs to choose from.
  • The site sells OTC as well as prescription drugs.
  • It is a certified vendor of medications.
  • All the drugs available here are FDA Approved.
  • genericmedlife is certified by the authority of the UK, USA, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Russia New Zealand, France, Bulgaria, China & more.
  • There are always new offers available for the customers.
  • The drugs available are safe to use.
  • The site sells only tested and verified drugs.
  • The drugs will be shipped free for an order above $230.
  • The site provides the best customer service.
  • The medication will reach you on time.
  • You can make the payment via your choice of method.
  • The site provides the best return, exchange, and refund policy.
  • Here, generics, as well as branded drugs, are available.

Even you’ll get a 10% discount on your first order using: GML10 coupon code.

Pros & Cons Of GenericMedLife


  • Cheapest Viagra per-pill
  • Treats men 25 and older (younger than many competitors)
  • Shipping within 24 hours also provides a tracking ID
  • Generic and branded pills available
  • More affordable generic pill options
  • Delivered within 7-9 days.
  • Fast shipping and simple cancellation
  • Chewable tablets are also avail


  • Does not accept insurance
  • Must call or email to cancel
  • Only generics are offered
  • Not available everywhere
  • Sometime delivery takes 15-30 days.

Final Verdict

Getting treatment for ED might leave you feeling vulnerable. When choosing an ED pill delivery service, you want a company that is transparent, medically sound, discreet, reliable, and affordable. GenericMedLife company provides information on sexual satisfaction and health, covering serious topics like herpes and STI prevention, and more fun topics like the use of lubes and toys.

In addition, the company has competitively-priced ED pills, as well as the option of a fast-acting ED pill that is great for last-minute or surprise situations. That, combined with upfront customer service, make genericmedlife our choice for the best ED pill delivery service.

How to Choose the Best ED Pill Delivery Service

Choosing an ED pill delivery service can be complicated. Here’s what you should consider:


In order to be legal, an online ED pill delivery service must work with a medical provider who is licensed in your state.

Medications offered

Most ED pill delivery services offer generic Viagra and Cialis. Some offer brand names of these drugs. Hims also offers Stendra, which acts in just 15 minutes.


Consider not just the cost per pill, but any consultation and shipping fees.

Shipping time

Most ED pill delivery services will have pills to you within a week. Some, like BlueChew and GenericMedLife, offer overnight shipping for an additional fee.

Medical support

Many online ED pill delivery companies offer ongoing medical support to answer your questions.

Buying ED Pills Online vs. Buying In-Store

Whether you are shopping online or in person, you’ll need a prescription for ED pills, since there are no over-the-counter medications for erectile dysfunction. Many people prefer the experience of buying ED pills online for the comfort, privacy, convenience, and savings that it offers.

General Frequently Asked Questions

1) How Do ED Pill Delivery Services Work?

Q. To use an ED pill delivery service, you must first sign up and provide a government identification like a license, and a credit card. You’ll then fill out a survey about your health and your current sexual health. From there, a provider will contact you. Depending on your state and the service you choose, you may need to speak with a doctor by phone or video chat. The doctor will suggest the medication that is right for you, and pills are delivered to you monthly or quarterly until you cancel.

2) Who Should Use ED Pill Delivery Services?

Q. If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction but are otherwise healthy enough for sex, you can use ED pill delivery services to try medications like Viagra and Cialis. Many people find these services less awkward than talking to their doctor about ED pills.

3) How Much Do ED Pill Delivery Services Cost?

Q. Many ED pill delivery services use low-cost generics of ED drugs Viagra and Cialis. A dose of these medications costs $0.50–$20 per tablet, depending on the active ingredient, dose, and the number of pills ordered. Some ED pill delivery services offer branded Viagra and Cialis, which are much more expensive, costing $70 per pill or more. In addition, check whether the ED pill delivery service that you’re considering charges a membership fee, consultation fee, or shipping costs. In some cases, it could be less expensive to see a health care provider in person or via telemedicine.


To compile this list of the best ED pill delivery services, we reviewed eight ED pill delivery companies, looking at their websites and consumer reviews. We prioritized companies that are upfront about the programs and costs, widely available, and provide reputable medical information about ED and its treatment.

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